I have been photographing professional dancers for almost ten years now. Primarily my dance photography work has had a large amount of production to it. Studios, lighting, hair, make up. It can get expensive and exhausting. A couple of years ago, I began a portrait photography series with the intention to bring it back to the basics. Bring the joy back to my work with dancers.

I tried to think of a type of project I could do. What had been done before? Everything had been done before. But then I realized, that was a lie. Dancers are almost always seen performing. They are seen on stage, or on the screen, or even showing out the dance moves in New York City among the many landmarks. What you never see are dancers at home, just being themselves. So these interesting photos are what I began to focus on.

Dancers in their Home Stage. No lights. No studios. No hair or makeup done. And even no colors in these black and white photos. Just dancers being themselves… well, sort of.

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