Who doesn’t love a quality roast? Some people, and even companies, ask for it themselves. But everyone knows that it’s important to have a good comeback, if you want to play this game and retain your pride. This young man was roasted on his own Instagram account and probably all the plans of making a good comeback fell short when he noticed who was doing the roast. It was a sweet old lady, who has described herself as a “grandmother of 5, a retired nurse” and a “Virgo” in her Instagram description box. Nobody is quite sure how and why this lady particularly chose this man’s pictures, but the result of that is still quite entertaining to watch.

Recently, this guy’s Instagram account fell under the radar, but not quite because of him

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An aspiring rapper, who calls himself Lil Nas X, made a post on Twitter about a grandma who’s cyber-bullying him on Instagram

Image credits: LilNasX

Miss Shirley, the cyberbully grandma, has commented on the photo below

Image credits: lilnasx

As well as under one of the posted videos

Image credits: lilnasx

This is the grandma that has been stirring the pot – Shirley Maynard, a devoted Christian lady

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People on Twitter are losing it over the harsh roast that the grandma made

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And other internet users declared “God just be making anybody” to be one of the most powerful insults

Unfortunately, today, both comments have been deleted from Instagram. The guy who got roasted swears it wasn’t him. What do you think? Will the aspiring rapper will ever be able to fully recover from the roast? And will “God just be making anybody” become the insult of 2019?