A few years ago I was struggling to think of a creative Christmas card selection for my family. Then I remembered that I’d toyed with the idea of creating mini versions of people and setting them up in every day situations.

So I got to work and printed out my family members onto paper. I then set them each up in a bespoke situation that would be relevant to them. For example, my older sister is generous and but sometimes naive, she sees the best in all people and creatures. So I placed my sister in a freezer drawer offering ‘Free Hugs’ to polar bears. My Grandad loves his Christmas naps, so I placed him contently next to a log candle, napping on some cinnamon sticks.

I could have added in my family with Photoshop but there’s something about the rough vintage quality you get from setting the scene in the real world.

I’ve even started my own Etsy shop called AllofyouCards to make bespoke scenes for others wishing to surprise and delight friends and family.

My Fiance sneaks into the night to try out the toboggan on the freshly laid snow (flour)

An inquisitive Mum ventures off from the party

Grandad takes a sneaky nap next to the fire after a hefty dinner

My older sister giving out the love in the artic

My Dad and Step-mother are always being surprised by their dog Hamish

My Step-Dad and his bad but much loved bad jokes

My sister is off on her travels for Christmas another year