You will never get bored if you have a small daughter who just tries to be as much alike you and to repeat every single step you do. Sometimes, when making too much effort, she just overdoes everything and turns a situation into a hilarious moment.

I have illustrated the sweetest moments of Mommy and Daughter relationship. The kid’s name is Minimy, simply because she is just the mini copy of the mother and she has a favourite toy-drone BB8 (known from Star Wars) that follows her everywhere and adds up some joy.

The illustrations show how the trio spends their time by just having a bath or riding a bicycle.

More info:

…Phew, I’m glad she has not figured out how to turn on the curling tong. Don’t even dare to give her a hint, BB8!

– Don’t be a hog, sweety! Eat slowly! -Mommy, the watermelon is just sooooo yummy, I can’t stop even to take a breath!

BB8, stop making noise, we are sleeping… WHAT?!!! WHAT TIME IS IT???!!

Yay! Yoga time!!!

We are all safe wearing helmets :)

Look! I have BB8 captured in a bubble and it is just flying in the air!