We’re Alicia and Jo of Beardbangs, a wife and husband team in Montreal, Canada that attempts to make the cutest housewares imaginable by transforming illustrations into ceramic objects.

In the studio, I create our objects with stoneware clay and throw most pieces on the potter’s wheel. Everything is then painted by hand with engobes and underglazes, and coated in non-toxic transparent glaze.

The most common themes in our work are cats, bright colours, polka dots and smiley faces. Our work is meant to be accessible, to be picked up and used every day, being not only completely useful to daily life but also brightening it. We love seeing someone’s face burst into a smile when they see something we’ve made!

More info: Etsybeardbangs.ca

Black And Red Fox Planter

Small Cat Planters In Six Different Colours

Happy Yellow Sun Dinner Plate

Happy Cat Espresso Cup

Coral Red Cat Planter

Cat Jumping In The Snow Ornament

Happy Ring Dish

Baby Pink Cat Face Mug With Interior Black Polka Dots

Mega-Sized Kitty Mug

Black Cat Planter

You can find more ceramics on Etsy