My name is April. I work part-time at the local pet store and have always loved being around animals. Growing up my family always had cats and dogs, but my husband and I are both allergic. I didn’t even know that dwarf hamsters existed until I started working at the pet store. I really fell in love with the little fluff balls and got my first hamster. Yes, a grown woman at the age of 33 getting her first hamster.

Now I have two little dwarf hamsters, named Porkchop and Dumptruck. They are sisters and live together happily. When I wanted to make a festive video with them my husband had the great idea of doing the 12 days of Christmas. I made Porkchop and Dumptruck a little Christmas tree with treats on it, my father helped to make a tiny sled and I made little Christmas hats for them. The girls did a wonderful job of looking cute for the camera.

The reason I make these videos because I have fun doing it and they seem to have fun too. I get to play with my hamsters and share their cuteness with the world. I love that other people enjoy the videos as much as I do. It makes me smile to read each comment people post on youtube, especially the ones where people write they were having a bad day until they watched the video.

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Day 1: Advent Calendar

Day 2: Oh, Christmas Tree

Dumptruck and Porkchop put up and decorate the Christmas Tree (Video:

Day 3: Christmas Treats

The girls enjoy some festive treats. They aren’t always great at sharing (Video:

Day 4: Dumptruck’s Present


Day 5: Porkchop’s Present


Day 6: Hamster Magic Trick

You’ll have to watch the video to see it (Video:

Day 7: Sledding

Dumptruck and Porkchop enjoy a sleigh ride (Video:

Day 8: Hamsters Love Boxes Too

Dumptruck jumps in and out of boxes. She must be part cat. Porkchop… not so much (Video:

Day 9: Building A Snowman

Watch these cuties build and put the face on their little snowman (Video:

Day 10: Christmas Town

Dumptruck and Porkchop explore and rampage on Christmas Town (Video:

Day 11: Christmas Hats

These tiny hamsters have been busy making Christmas hats. In this pic Dumptruck is sporting her Frosty the Snowman hat (Video:

Day 12: Merry Christmas

And finally the girls spell out a Christmas message (Video: