Even the ancient god of madness and despair known as Cthulhu can look adorable when he lives in the deep, dark depths of your teacup. Michael Palmer, an artist based in Brisbane, Australia, has a line of teacups that feature Cthulhu, octopuses and other strange creatures of the deep peeking out from cups of tea as dark as the depths of their insanity.

Unfortunately, you can’t drink from them because they’re filled with resin tea, but they still look awesome – and each comes in a different teacup. Palmer sells these teacups, and a lot of other Cthulhu- and Giger-themed artwork on his Voodoo Delicious Etsy shop. Take a look!

More info: Etsy | voodoodelicious.com | Facebook (h/t: thatsnerdalicious)

Check out Michael Palmer’s Voodoo Delicious Etsy shop for more!