Life can be both beautiful and grotesque. The natural world is equal parts wonder and beauty as it is creepy and bizarre. Diversity is a beautiful thing in itself but humans tend to value different forms of life according to how they make us feel; the cute, the fluffy, the loyal, the most easily anthropomorphized, is valued more highly than the creepy crawlies, the sludge muck, and slime, fanged or amorphous life forms.

This jewelry collection titled Second Nature explores mankind’s anthropocentrism: the belief that humans are the most important beings over all others. It’s this dominant value system of wealth and material objects, that drives the cause and effect of climate change.

This series calls for an ethical imperative of love, to love nature as a whole, in order to disparage and disperse with the destructive driving force for climate change: anthropocentrism. It calls for the rediscovering of the value and beauty of all life, even those small creepy-crawlies that hide underfoot.

Stoned to death

Stoned to death and spill your guts

Claw to the top of the chain

Salt of the Earth

Tyrian crab

Born in purple

Spill your guts