This was back in 2015, I created something fun and unique.

If you guys are wondering what exactly is this, well these are just simple portraits shot with a small creative touch. I stuck Sprinkles (edible cupcake decoration) on my friend’s face thinking it would be cool and fun to experiment with.

I really don’t know how the model actually felt and was so patient, sticking these sprinkles all over his face with Honey syrup. I am actually feeling sick and slimy thinking about it.

I use about 3 packs (each 500 gm) of sprinkles to cover his entire face/head, as bit of the sprinkle kept dropping every time he blinked or moved a bit..

Again the gear that I used was a simple camera and lens, a tripod, and a basic one-flash setup which didn’t actually work very well (it died couple of times). There was also a bit of post-processing applied to enhance the colors.

Of course, the entire room was a MESS at the end of the day, but I am just so happy I pulled it off with the gear I had back then. I had NO REGRETS! For some of you these images might look funny or artistic, but to me this was an awesome experience shooting something different.

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