Many artists enjoy doing self-portraits, but this one has an unexpected twist. Looking like it’s taken straight out of the movie Inception, this series of paintings by Seamus Wray has captured the internet’s hearts. The Chicago-based artist started out with a single self-portrait of oil on canvas. Later on, it transformed into something new. In the series of five artworks, Seamus has painted himself painting himself painting himself… You get the gist, right?

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Chicago-based artist Seamus Wray has gone viral for an interesting take on a self-portrait

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“I started painting at the age of 2 or 3,” Seamus told Bored Panda when asked about his artistic background. “My parents put me in the high chair with an easel and paintbrush.” Guess that worked out pretty well, as the artist told us that he is now a “full-time self-employed artist.” Seamus told us that he enjoys “exploring dimensions of color, through the human face.”

Over the course of five paintings, he has painted himself painting himself

Image credits: seamuswray

“I have always painted self-portraits, hundreds over the years,” Seamus told Bored Panda. “Painting myself painting myself was a natural extension of that, and I love the idea of infinity,” he continued.

And so on and so forth

Image credits: seamuswray

The artist has shared every self-portrait on Reddit, where the fifth piece of the series amassed over 114k upvotes in almost no time. “They [the paintings] were also a social experiment of sorts, involving the captive internet audience, leaving them guessing if and when there will be another layer,” Seamus told the media.

Which has delighted people on the internet

Image credits: seamuswray

While Seamus didn’t expect the self-portraits to go viral like they did, he assured Bored Panda that he’s certainly “happy about it.”

And many are waiting for the next oil painting to come

Image credits: seamuswray

Seamus revealed that he is intending to continue making self-portraits “in one way or another.” All in all, the Chicago-based painter summarized to Bored Panda that his plans are “to keep on doing whatever I want. Paintings will definitely be a part of that.”

Here’s how people on Reddit reacted

And here’s how Seamus responded to that

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