Meet the Macaulays. In 2013, they got their family together for a Christmas portrait with a difference, they’ve been trying to outdo themselves ever since. It all started with what seems like such a simple idea now, all the grown-ups were to be held hostage, tied up in Christmas lights in their lounge room with the kids holding the end of the lights. Talks quickly began for next year’s Christmas card, except things didn’t quite go to plan.

December 2014, Marion was admitted to hospital. The newly formed tradition was put in jeopardy. They put their heads together and were adamant it was still to happen, nothing was to change… except the location and theme. So their hospital themed Christmas card was born. The nursing staff even jumped on board helping out with costumes and props. They rounded up surgical masks and glasses, gowns and scrubs, gloves and stethoscopes, I know, what champions right? Once again talks quickly began for the next year’s Christmas card.

This time, nothing was going to stand in the way of last year’s original plan. The Macaulay Last Supper Food Fight Christmas Card. It was messy and all sorts of awesome. And of course, talks quickly have begun for next year.

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Macaulay Christmas Card 2013

Macaulay Christmas Card 2014

Macaulay Christmas Card 2015