I’ve been in love with horror for as long as I can remember, movies, games, manga, anime… no matter the type of media I love it ALL. I’d started watching a TV show – Hannibal and it had some of the most gruesome and beautiful scenes I’d ever seen, upon watching one scene where a couple were skinned, blood eagle style and were formed into grotesque “angels” I thought to myself, “I need to know how to do THAT” and so began my journey into sfx. I bought a bottle of liquid latex, grabbed some old lipsticks and a box of tissues and I have been covered in the stuff ever since!

I’d always really liked the idea of Cosplay but finding sfx allowed me to explore this idea with a gory twist! I spend anywhere up to 12hours creating and applying a makeup, not including the prep work, taking photos for Instagram and video for YT! I can usually be found in my workspace, up to my eyeballs in latex, gelatin, and fake blood!

I’m hoping to pursue a career in SFX but I’m still a relative beginner, I’m having a lot of fun learning and I’d encourage anyone to give FX a try!

More info: Instagram | youtube.com

Hannibal – Louise Hobbs

Michael Hussar Inspired Demon

Hand injury with wax

Dying Light – Bomber

Hannibal – Mrs Marlow

Kuroshisuji – Sebastian

Tokyo Ghoul – Naki

Hannibal – Nurse

Sakura Hime

Missing finger gag

Torn face Zombie

Gia – Earth Mother