My name Zuzia Kozerska and I am a designer. Well I studied design in Barcelona, but I never finished school so you could say I’m half self. I have also lived in Bristol and Paris, and now in Warsaw, where I was born.

Few years ago I’ve invented special rolling pins to emboss pastry. In the winter 2013, I was so boring that I decided to bake a cake. Special one because it was for my niece’s birthday. I promised a beautiful one. Children are demanding so whet it turned out poorly as usual I’ve spent 100 hours decorating it. Well not exactly 100 but a lot. The end of the short story is that I ordered a cake from local bakery and the one I baked I eat alone.

But as a passionate designer I came up with idea. I invested in a laser machine with a ton of ideas I wanted to try. I spent several weeks testing the engravings on the rollers, try different recipes, cooking.

So here you go the result of my struggle is that beautiful rolling pin enjoy!

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