Everybody who's been in a happy relationship knows that it's made of cute, wholesome, and, honestly, hilarious everyday stuff that you experience with your significant other. It's the small things that make the world of a loving relationship go round. The significance of these things doesn't elude the comic artist from the UK called Barmy Chip Witch, who documents the everyday hilarity and wholesomeness of her own relationship.

Looking at them, many people find it relatable and analogous to their own special relationships, which makes the unique jokes and cuteness of this relationship even more engaging. From things that occur in the kitchen, or while going to work, to bed, and psychological matters—the artist finds every nook and cranny of her own relationship that she appreciates and expresses it in a funny, clear way, which screams that the key to being a couple lies in the appreciation of the simple stuff.

You can imagine these comics as the artist's daily chronicles with her foreign boyfriend from Latvia. Their relationship, judging from the comics, is an enviable thing. They support and help each other in hard times, they show their sensitive and ugly side, and they're honest with each other, but most importantly, they know know to make each other laugh and smile, which in turn brings a smile the reader of the comic.

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The artist shared her side of the story of how these comics came about with Bored Panda. "I’ve been drawing as long as I can remember, but started to draw my own silly autobiographical comics in journals about 10 years ago. It was a bit like my private diary. Then my boyfriend looked through them and started hassling me to start an Instagram, especially I was slowly learning how to paint digitally around this time. I suppose what inspires me the most for these comics—aside from whatever silly and funny things happen to me—is those little everyday moments in life I don’t want to forget that are so easy to."

The artist gave a background story and a behind-the-scenes peek of her relationship with her boyfriend. "We met over a dating app and went for a date to the Natural History Museum. We broke the ice by making silly and dark jokes about dating really, but it felt effortless to talk to each other very quickly! The first time we had texting online, we talked for about 8 hours into the night, which was surprising for how exhausting app dating can be! We have been together for about 1.5 years. It's not long yet, but we both just felt from quite early on we were just natural, easy, and fun together. We laugh a lot. The thing I appreciate most is that we support each other to grow. Since the meeting, I have become more confident, independent and do more things I have always wanted to (draw comics, learn Russian, some professional stuff...), which he encourages. I help and support him with his art projects and plans too. I asked him the question, and he said, ‘you’re one of a kind and my other half. You are as insane and weird as me, so we get along very well.’"

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