My name is Jermaine Kho. Some call me JJ.Kho. I have loved drawing and creating comic strips all my life! However, I had never pursued studying Art. I took Business Degree instead because it seems like a safer route to get a stable job. After I graduated, I landed myself in an extremely mundane job in an consultancy firm in exchange for a monthly salary. Life went on, but I couldn’t find any satisfaction in my work. I would draw comic strips and random sketches during my free time after work for my own pleasure, and post the scanned drawings up in facebook, just for fun.

I am 31 now, a stay home mom ever since my little one was born. She is turning One soon!! I have picked up digital drawing on my own recently and have been diligently posting my comic strips in my facebook page – Meverything Nice. You can find more of my work in my facebook page!

This series is targeting at couples and married couples, touching on relationships and parenthood. I hope to create illustrations that people can relate to, in a humorous and positive way! I hope you will enjoy them!

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Levels of Baby Tantrums

All babies throw tantrums.

This is a scenario of a baby unleashing her monster within…it can be frustrating at times but sometimes, when we look back, these are actually one of the things that put a smile on our faces. :)

Injuries Inflicted by Babies

We all know that when babies are learning to flip, sit, crawl, stand, walk, or run, they will have multiple injuries due to falling down.


We parents do suffer from injuries too! Who can understand our pain?

Telling Someone to Go on a Diet – Part 1

Thinking of going on a diet?

Some things are better left unsaid. Women are generally still more sensitive than men when it comes to their figure and weight!

Telling Someone to Go on a Diet – Part 2