Over the past year I've been sketching and painting dragons with watercolour and ink.

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As a result, I created this limited annual 60-page soft-cover compendium, featuring a variety of sketches and experimental artworks of dragons and mythical beasts.

These sketchbooks aim to share with you my thought process and how my art develops stage by stage. They include thumbnails, step by step progressions and character development.

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#1 Sea Foam

Sea Foam

Collette J Ellis Report

Ginny Boston 4 months ago

Very masculine yet the detailed work and placement of the scales are remarkable.

#2 Amythest


Collette J Ellis Report

Ginny Boston 4 months ago

Mt favorite color thus this the very best dragon! The rack from the moose is a very nice thought. It suggests almost a crown. Very nice.

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#6 Sprite


Collette J Ellis Report

Rita Margarita 4 months ago

I haven't seen anything similar to this - it's cool you let your fantasy to play

#7 Sea Weed

Sea Weed

Collette J Ellis Report

Ginny Boston 4 months ago

This one pushes my mind toward the spacial reality of the Earth. More along the reptile line yet no limbs or tail is apparent.

#8 Garden Dragon

Garden Dragon

Collette J Ellis Report

ChubbySquid 4 months ago

So THAT'S what's making the brambles impossible to cut...

#9 Tree Dweller

Tree Dweller

Collette J Ellis Report

Nina Dragon 4 months ago

This is so freaking cute!

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