When most people think of cute donkeys, they immediately think of Donkey from the Shrek movies, an association which makes one smile because of the upbeat and optimistic character.

The reality is unfortunately very different, as these animals are usually used only for one thing: carrying heavy loads. They live a sad life filled with hard work, whipping, and other forms of abuse.

Unfortunately, in some parts of the world, they are also sadly turned into horse meat sausages – usually when they are no longer able to carry heavy loads. Bulgaria is one of the countries where this happens, and this Christmas, two donkeys were miraculously saved from a horse slaughter for their meat. These donkeys for sale were saved thanks to an animal shelter for abused farm animals. Here two people are dedicated to animal rescue, saving them from abuse and violent death and give the care and love they deserve.

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This is Katia The Donkey

She appeared in the ad that announced a “limping donkey for sale, perfect for slaughter”

Katia was saved by goodhearted people who “bought” her with the intention to take her to the sanctuary

Although the road to recovery is long and hard, Katia is in great hands now and is receiving all the care and medication she needs

A few days later, the same seller from the classified ad called the sanctuary…

He came across a young donkey called Toshko, who had been left to die in horrible conditions. Even the seller felt sorry for the poor animal

According to the vet and the sanctuary owners, Toshko’s condition was the worst they had ever seen

He had severly damaged legs and limbs and was extremely malnourished

Toshko’s hooves had never been taken care of or treated correctly over his 4 years of life

Although he’s recovering, he’s still not strong enough and needs a lot of special care and medication

The good news is that the other donkeys and horses are happy to welcome their new friends

Both Katia and Toshko still need a lot of care and love but they’re getting happier and happier every day