I like food. I also like horror. And nothing makes me happier than being able to mix the two together and come up with all new ways to not only feed my friends, but disgust them at the same time. This is my latest masterpiece…

I call it “Death by Chocolate, the Autopsy.” Enjoy!

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Let’s start with the finished product first… Feeling hungry yet?

First thing I do is bake a disgustingly rich black chocolate sour cream pound cake

Mmm… Fresh from the oven and still warm!

While the cake is cooling, I make a chocolate skull in a mold I poured using an old Halloween prop

Once the cake is cool, I attach the chocolate skull using chocolate buttercream frosting

Then I paint the white chocolate skull using red and brown gel food dye

Once the skull is painted, I carefully apply a layer of marshmallow fondant (I even made ears!)

Then I cut open my fondant and peel it back to reveal the skull beneath!

A little more gel food color as well as a nice bath of chocolate syrup and we’re done! But will anyone eat it?

Carving the first slice!

Mmm… People get braver once they try the delicious cake underneath

Tasty tasty scarycake!

Half eaten!

All gone! Time to bake something else disgustingly delicious!