No cell phone coverage, no markets, no ATMs, Chitkul will make you feel like you come back in the Past.

The last village of Indo – Tibet border and at 14930 feet above see-level Chitkul is the highest inhabited Village in Sangla Valley.

The snow clad mountains, Apple orchids and wooden houses with either slate stone or wooden plank roof make the valley extremely beautiful. Total population of the village is around 700.

I was in Chitkul last month (July 2018). Weather was unusual. It was too hot. But clear sky and the sun beams behind the clouds were impeccably beautiful.

Went down from the traveler and took a walk on the uphill roads. On my left mountains were covered with green grass and many small colorful flowers. On the other hand on my right side, villagers were farming on the field. Little far from the field Baspa river was flowing aggressively.

The beautiful and the same time harsh nature and how it was affecting daily lifestyle is the blissful thing to observe here …..

Some interesting facts about Chitkul:

1. Chitkul is just 120 km from the Indo-Tibetan border.

2. Uttarakhand border is just 20 km away from Chitkul village. After crossing Borasu pass at an altitude 17,880 feet.

3. The final ITBP camp is only 1.5 km away from the village towards Indo-Tibetan border.

4. Chitkul’s quality increases organic potatoes and peas which almost double the market value.

5. Chitkul is just 40 km away from National Highway 22.

6. A PWD rest house with a single floor is at the entrance to the village.

7. ‘Hindustan ka Akhari Dhaba(India’s last restaurant)’ with text, sign board has stumbled many times while Google for Kinnaur is in Chitkul.

One picture can speak the whole story

Welcome to Chitkul

China border is only 30KM from here

Old house

Those Wooden windows

Ah! The last one

Village inside

Beautiful vally