All of us have heard a stereotype or two about our own countries, and it’s no secret that we’ve heard some stereotypes about other countries too. Some of them are positive, for example, Belgians have incredible waffles, and Germans have the best beer or that Switzerland makes the best chocolate (did we mention the pizzas in Italy?). But you can never know what somebody thinks about your country when they live far away and they don’t have any direct contact with your culture.

So, in China if you want to know what your country is known for, you can take a look at this map that displays the most-commonly googled questions about European countries, and some of them are not very nice. From Lithuania being suicidal to Italians being weak, this map shows a very weird approach to European culture and history, and we definitely don’t agree with it!

Scroll down and see it for yourself!

(h/t FP)

Recently, a map showing China’s stereotypes of Europe has surfed the Internet

It shows the most commonly googled questions about European countries in China, and it’s not only weird, it is also a bit offensive

It says that France is mainly known for having “so many black people” and it questions why Spain hasn’t “annexed Portugal” yet

Other parts are just totally weird, for example, Bulgaria is known for its “milk-induced longevity”, and Italy is simply called “weak”

Scotland, Nothern Ireland, and Ireland are mainly known for their political statuses

And some of it is just plainly random, like questioning why Belarus is named Belarus