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I Turn Kids With Special Needs Into Superheroes
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I Turn Kids With Special Needs Into Superheroes

Taking beautiful, powerful images of children with special needs is what “The Superhero Project” is all about.

I started the project in 2012 by taking pictures of my son, Apollo, who was born with a double aortic arch. In 2012 he had two heart surgeries and a feeding tube placed. I wanted him to view himself as powerful and strong, not as a victim of his unique heart.

I am a professional photographer and when I saw how much he loved the images, I decided to offer these session to other kids with special needs.

More info: bakersdozenandapolloxiv.com

Super Cody is Ready to Take on the World!

Cody’s mom loved his photos and said this: “Cody seems to me always just on the verge of new ability. Just about to take off running, counting, talking. When I get discouraged I look at these photos and remember there are no limits on him.”

Cody Bear

“I hope someday when he gets older he can look at those photos and see what I see. A priceless gift and a precious super hero about to take on the world.” -Cody’s Mom.

Apollo, My Inspiration For The Superhero Project

I want Apollo to see himself as strong and powerful. I hope he never feels the need to be self-conscious about his scars or feeding tube.



Melanie is a bright and energetic 4 year old, who wakes up every day smiling. Melanie has a diagnosis of autism, as well as epilepsy and sensory processing disorder. Even though these conditions make things a lot harder, Melanie has shown nothing but happiness and perseverance.

Mila And Her Brother

Mila and her protective brother. Nothing can stop these two.


Mila is a beautiful girl with apraxia of speech. She may not have many words, but her face says it all!


“The photos are my favorite of her, and capture her spirit in a way nothing else does. The Superhero Project was a chance to celebrate both, who and what Avery is, as well as who she is not. She is not defined by her delays, but is a child who laughs easily, loves quickly, forgives often, and gives her family and friends a profound change of perspective on what we value in life. Her spirit was genuinely captured for the world to celebrate with us.” -Avery’s Mom.

Smiling, Happy, Avery


“In these pictures I see my beautifully made child. I celebrate her limb length discrepancy. I’m proud of how strong she is. These photos capture all of that and more. I treasure these photos and couldn’t be more grateful for them.” -Victoria’s Mom.

Victoria’s Lifts

Victoria was born with Congenital Femoral Deficiency. This means the femur in one leg is shorter than it should be. She is a beautiful, shining girl who will undergo a series of operations to lengthen her leg as she grows.


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