Now, for three years I have been revisiting my old childhood environments to "capture" them into this personal collection. Most environments are from where I grew up, in the countryside in the south of Finland, where my roots still lie. As a container I used jar bottles produced by the food industry.

All images are intentional double exposures shot in-camera on a DSLR (Nikon D800E). You can read more about it on my Behancé page below.

Jarred & Displaced is an ongoing project, this is a second installment. You can see the first one here.

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#1 First Snow

First Snow

First snow was often witnessed from inside, through a window glass.


Terror from Beyond Space 1 year ago

If I could save time in a bottle ...

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#2 Morning Barn

Morning Barn


Yvonne Horton 1 year ago

Love the twilight stars

#3 Couple Of Pines

Couple Of Pines

By our secret lake, where we used to jump into for a swim during warm summers.


#4 Grandpa's Old Farm

Grandpa's Old Farm


#5 Pine Tree

Pine Tree


Yvonne Horton 1 year ago


#6 Deep Forest

Deep Forest


#7 End Of Road

End Of Road


#8 Candy Road

Candy Road

After driving my daughter to her nanny, I took a long turn back to revisit an area I haven't been to since I was a kid. This nostalgic experience, when a ton of awaken memories flies through your mind. On this road I often bicycled to visit an old widow. She always had the best snacks, just in case someone would pop by.


Yvonne Horton 1 year ago

Lovely photo!

#9 Grandpa's Old Barn

Grandpa's Old Barn

I visited my grandpa's old farm. Sadly, was not really how I remember it to be, as it has been abandoned for years already. Still glad to see it again as it brings back these valuable memories... I learned how to bicycle here. Played archaeologist in my secret hiding place (under the ramp to the second floor of the barn). Years later I was cruising on his fields, as it was time to learn how to drive a car.


#10 Path II

Path II

When growing up on the countryside, there was always a new exciting path to explore. Sometimes I got lost, but in the end I always found my way back home.


#11 Pine Forest

Pine Forest


Yvonne Horton 1 year ago


#12 Windflowers



#13 Lone House

Lone House


Yvonne Horton 1 year ago

So pretty. I love these jars. How did you get the photos inserted inside the glass jars or are the jars not real? Amazing photography

#14 Close To Home

Close To Home