I have recently delved into Chinese ink landscape paintings and it just struck me that I should incorporate childhood icons like Pokemons or Totoro into them.

While I do try to paint most of these paintings with authentic Chinese calligraphy ink and brush, some of these paintings here were done with fountain pen inks loaded in fountain brush-pens. That was due to their relative mobility that makes them suitable when I want to paint, when I’m out and about or sitting in a cafe.

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Waiting in the Rain

Totoro and the waterfall

You shall not pass

Pikachu in the marshes

Navigate through the fog, I will

Gyarados in the lagoon

Jason Voorhees and the fisherman

Snorlax in the mountains

Megaman fights his way through the level

Creation myth – involving Tetris blocks

Sweet revenge

Sunset with Pikachu

Spirit of Adventure


Chan and Lee