Apologies in advance, this is my first post here and I’m a wee bit nervous

This big creepy cutie (Approx 12″) was a giant leap out of my comfort zone, I forced myself to try a whole bunch of new techniques, skills and materials that I had shied away from in the past.

I stopped counting the hours that went into this guy after 20 – A majority of that time was spent re-sculpting the first of many faces, learning how to make a weighted armature and waiting for paint to dry.

It totally didn’t take me 10 hours in to figure out I could use my heat-gun or hairdryer to speed up the painting process.

It’s semi-posable and can hang from his tail, The claws and grin glow in the dark and he’s a little hand-wrapped piece of quartz – ’cause why not?!


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Curiouser and curiouser

Can you stand on your head?

You’re mad Bonkers. Off your head