Chocolate advent calendars don’t really need improving (although those little chocolates could always be a little bigger), but if you’re looking for an equally awesome alternative then check out these un-brie-lievably grate (sorry) advent calendars filled with cheese!

They’re made by Annem Hobson, A cheese enthusiast from London who writes a food blog called So Wrong It’s Nom. She came up with the idea last year, and she was even kind enough to share the instructions on her website so you too can make your own. Which is probably what you’ll have to do for this Christmas, because they aren’t available to buy yet, but she’s working hard to ensure that they’ll be ready in time for 2017. Head on over to her website and register your interest there. We camembert-ly wait! Ok, I’m done.

More info: So Wrong It’s Nom (h/t)