Despite preparing every child for the horrors of later life using just a few pixels, Tamagotchi’s had owners bowing to their every need 24 hours a day. Now, 20 years on, those digital pets from your childhood are finally paying their former owners back in the form of a fully charged phone.

This nostalgic portable charger doesn’t need feeding, washing, playing with or cleaning up after. Simply hook it up to your smartphone and the impressive 2,600mAh battery will revive your powerless battery.

Using retro wizardry, this 90s ultra-trend will keep your modern devices full of juice without asking for anything else in return (except maybe a recharge itself)).

Like the original Tamagotchi, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket, but this time around it won’t bug you with incessant demands.

It’s about time that needy pet from your childhood started giving something back.

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