I don’t think I need to say that the workplace as a concept is a very complicated thing. It is enough to ask a person how their day at work was to understand how difficult jobs can be.

After all, things like corporate culture, colleague personalities, work processes, and even our own mindsets can lead us to avoid certain topics and conversations, to be afraid of the boss man, or to simply feel bad or awkward for asking to have your needs met, whether work-related or personal.

They say that “honesty is the best policy” and the workplace is no exception to this rule

Image credits: Ian Brown

Recently, Daniel Abrahams, the CEO of Hustlr Agency, took to LinkedIn to explain why it is important to remain authentic, honest, open, and, most importantly, human, in the workplace. In response, thousands upon thousands of people joined the discussion, expressing support for this idea.

A CEO took to LinkedIn to stress the importance of honesty when asking for time off

Image credits: Daniel Abrahams

Daniel Abrahams explained his openness with his team: he needed to go see his daughter receive an award at her school assembly, and that’s exactly what he said. He did not hide the true reason by using a business meeting or a doctor’s appointment as an excuse.

He further said he is not trying to impress anyone with how much he works. He just wants to form a transparent work culture and as a leader, it starts with him.
Why? Because we’re all human. And as humans, Daniel believes that we need to be real about our lives. Sure, things need to get done when at work, but it shouldn’t stop us from being honest and transparent with each other so as to make work a better place for everyone.

People loved the idea and joined the discussion. As of this article, the post has received over 610,000 reactions with over 14,700 comments.

Ironically, Daniel spoke about being transparent with your colleagues, but was asked why he told them about leaving early hours before the fact as opposed to more in advance, given the nature of the reason. However, that did not detract people from the point of the post.

Many employers and employees praised Daniel for his socially responsible take on work…