I am a photographer that likes Star Wars and whisky. So, I blended them. I am having a blast showing the lighter side of whisky by combining my three passions.

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“The Captain says you’re a friend, I will not kill you.” (Ardbeg)

“Now that’s the droid we were looking for. As soon as he opens the bottle, we jump in.” (Lagavulin)

“The power that we are dealing with here is immeasurable.” (The Glenlivet)

“Imperial Forces are converging on our present location. Drink up.” (Alexander Murray & Co.)

“This is a rebellion, isn’t it? I rebel. May the dram be with us.” (High West)

“I know Lord Vader requested those bottles, but I’m not messing with that guy.” (Ardbeg)

“Make 10 men feel like 100.” (The Balvenie)

“Your behavior… is continually unexpected.” (Glenfarclas)

“I don’t see any Ewoks up there, this is definitely the Spice Tree we were looking for.” (Compass Box)

“I’ll share this dram with you, the captain said I had to.” (Oban)