While it’s very common to commemorate such occasions as engagements, weddings, or the birth of a child with a photoshoot, no one said you can’t do the same for your divorce. So to celebrate the end of her 13-year-old marriage, this woman decided to get a bold photoshoot and went viral for it. Her photos inspired people to end their bad relationships and also start a new chapter in their lives.

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47-year-old Marie Lollis ended her marriage earlier this year, however, she refused to be upset about it. After all, she got the chance to start over and got a great photoshoot idea out of it. “I wanted a way to close a chapter in my life my way and celebrate finally making it official,” Marie told the Daily Mail.

So she put on knee-high boots, grabbed a bottle of wine, her wedding photo and divorce papers and cheerfully posed in front of the camera. The photos were taken by her sister-in-law Natasha Lollis who runs the Tiltin’ My Lens Photography business.

During the photoshoot, Marie posed happily with the wine glass that reads “Boy Bye”, smashed the photo frame and burned the photo, and stood joyfully holding her finalized divorce papers while holding a message to her ex-husband “I would wish you the best but… you already had it!”

The idea behind this photoshoot was to show that not every marriage ends up in tears. Marie wanted it to represent ‘strong powerful women’ who ‘have the strength to carry on’. “After everything, I’m stronger and I’m happy with my life. I’m blessed with a good man and family and close friends,” she said.

Marie told Daily Mail that the reason behind the divorce was her ex-husband’s abuse of drugs. “He got hooked on meth and got around with a wrong crowd,” she said. “It’s sad how meth can change a person. When he was not on that, he was a good man.”

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