I’ve been drawing illustrations of my sons’ favorite characters on their napkins for years, and we will often end up with a series of pictures based on a theme. Recently we’ve caught up with the rest of the internet’s fixation on pictures of cats.

We’ve been pairing them with my kids’ favorite robots from movies, TV and video games. We started with Baymax from “Big Hero 6” posed with Grumpy Cat and have rolled on from there through 13 more and counting.

I have been drawing on napkins for years now, you can check my previous works here.

More info: ninaslevy.blogspot.com

Baymax and Grumpy Cat

A less happy “Hairy Baby”.

Futurama’s Bender and Colonel Meow

Alcoholic Narcissists.

Echo and Snoopybabe

T-800 and Lil Bub

Ultron and Happy Cat

I can has world domination?

R2-D2 and Limecat

R2 knows that the cat is really wearing a pomelo.

Cyberman from Doctor Who with Breaded Cat

Could it be a conspiracy?

HAL9000 and Garfi

The malevolent gaze.

Five Nights at Freddy’s Automata with Wet Cat

Cuteness gone seriously awry.

The Iron Giant and Atchoum

Scary at first sight, but actually rather endearing.

EVE and Bullet Cat

Missiles of cute.

Real Steel’s Atom and Nala

Glowing baby blue eyes appeal to Instagram followers.

Mechagodzilla and Fat Cat

The cat may not be large enough.

Chopper from “Star Wars Rebels” and Trash Cat

Grumpy things in cans.

The kids with virtual cat memes