I first met cats on the internet. If the internet is bountiful with one thing, it is cats – their memes and videos. From this sprung yearning to really interact with cats. I spent a lot of time at Rehana Mohammed Shakir’s Pet Therapy and Surrogate Pet Programme, and learned so much about cats in there.

Everyone at Rehana’s had unique personalities, they were all special and precious, they amazed me. Was it a miracle? Was it the way Rehana raised them? I explored further and ended up bringing two cats home. It’s been more than two years since then, and I have been learning more about them every day. They still amaze me, so I set out to photograph animal portraits starting with cats. This series is a tribute to all the cats. They are highly misunderstood sometimes, and I hope to showcase them in their various moods as “little people”.

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