What do you know about our community?

Cat Care Community is an absolutely volunteer organisation composed of seven people, mainly girls that are doing all the job on a voluntarily basis.

Activities of every member of the community vary on each one’s strength and skills.

A part from spending a lot of time helping stray cats, we go to work, study and have families.

All of us work as a team and help each other when needed, because we are all united by love towards animals and have a strong will to save as many cats as possible.

It often happens that people form the side ask us for help but do not want to do anything themselves. Because of the huge amount of such requests, we are not physically able to pay enough attention to every one who is need of our support.

How about if we try to act altogether?

Here is a plan that may help you:

1. Talk to the lady that feeds stray cats in your neighbourhood

2. Catch the cat while it eats

3. Bring the cat to the vet

4. Find a temporary house using social network

5. Do the marketing part using social network or spread the information among your friends and neighbours

6. Bring the cat to the vet clinic for inspections and procedures if needed

7. Consult the temporary house about cat’s needs and health issues

8. Find permanent house for the cat

Together we are able to provide worthy lives to way more stray cats.

Currently, we have no support from the government and we rely exclusively on donations and our own contribution.

Lately, we have received lots of requests for funding necessary treatments.

If you have ever thought about helping animal welfare society, we would be very pleased to accept your help!