The Monarch butterfly population in the U.S. has declined more than 70% in the last 20 years. The reason? Human activity, such as eradicating milkweed (the Monarch’s primary food source) and the use of pesticides along migration routes, plus the effects of climate change.

All across the U.S., citizen scientists are growing milkweed in their yards, attracting butterflies that lay eggs that turn into beautiful caterpillars, that transform in gorgeous butterflies.

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Our First Monarch Butterfly Emerges from Chrysalis

Number 10 Monarch Butterfly Drying Her Wings

Number 10 Monarch Butterfly Posing Prettily

Number 2 Monarch Butterfly, Seconds After Emerging from Chrysalis

Number 6 Monarch Butterfly, Drying His Wings

Number 8 Monarch Butterfly Resting on Bougainvillea

Number 9 Monarch Butterfly Drying Her Wings

Monarch Caterpillar Transforming Into Chrysalis

Monarch Caterpillar on Native California Milkweed Plant

Monarch Caterpillar