Christmas is the time of merry mood, loads of chocolate and everything green and red. Oh, it’s also the time of giving. And while the idea of Christmas gifts might be exciting for everyone, most of the people find buying gifts pretty stressful, especially if the soon-to-be gift receiver is an important person. So when this guy prepared to get something for his parents on Christmas, the challenge was definitely there.

“They are both retired so there isn’t much we could get them that they couldn’t already get,” Micheal explained in his post. With material possessions out of the picture, Micheal and his 2 brothers instantly had a brilliant idea. A Christmas photoshoot!

Bored Panda has reached out to Micheal for some additional information and he happily offered more details. “I am Micheal Bogensberger, a middle child with one older (Bernhard, the blond one) and one younger (Aaron, the one with the hat)” he introduced himself and his siblings. “While we all have our own lives, we are constantly in contact with each other. Sharing event’s from our lives and, of course, stuff we find from the internet.”

These brothers pulled all the swagger in their vintage photoshoot

The brothers opted not for just any random photoshoot, but a classic flashback to the now-iconic 90’s family photo album. With sweaters that were a straight-up blast from the past and awkward poses, the three siblings completely nailed it!

“While trying to figure out what we wanted to give our parents for Christmas, we recently came across some “awkward family photos” online,” Micheal explained the source of their inspiration. “We all agreed this is something we needed to do, so what we did was simple: Get an ugly sweater from any thrift store, large bifocal-like glasses, and, the most distinguishing feature, only mustaches.” The man also revealed that it was Aaron who edited the pictures from the shoot.

“We set up the photoshoot by booking an appointment at our local Walmart,” the middle sibling added. Micheal also mentioned that he almost didn’t make it to the shoot because of schooling he had that day, though eventually managed to make it. “Aaron set it up with the guy running the photoshoot but he was all for it and knew exactly what we were going for! We just strolled into Walmart looking like we did in the pictures,” the man elaborated on the process. “Not sure if we were getting looks from the customers there, but we didn’t care.”

Micheal commended the photographer for doing an excellent job. “We were all a little nervous, mainly for we didn’t know where to start, but the photographer was really understanding,” he added. “He had some really good suggestions but we wanted to make sure we got enough for 3 main photos for Aaron to edit them.” The men were laughing at the pictures as it was difficult to keep a straight face and we surely understand. “My favourite was everyone’s favourite: Me with my mouth slightly agape,” the man revealed.

Micheal also explained how the pictures ended up on the internet as well as how they presented them to the family:

“As for posting them, we didn’t post them right away. These were still a gift for our parents so we had to find the right opportunity. Which we took in the form of a birthday party (Aaron’s daughter’s, to be exact). I couldn’t stay the entire time, but my brothers ended up switching some photos out with the ones we took. And when our parents found out, they burst out laughing. They loved them! I ended up seeing them later and we went through them all, smiling away at every picture.”

“Then I knew it was fair game to post it to Facebook!” the man said. “After seeing how all of our friends were reacting (which was overwhelmingly positive), I figured, why not post it to Imgur?” he explained his thought process. “I figured it was a couple of hundred upvotes worthy. I posted it right before I went to bed and thought nothing of it. When I woke up, I was notified that I had made it to Front Page with, at the time, ~1,500 upvotes. I was blown away!”

“People were loving it more than I expected! They were even favouriting it! They are even encouraging us to make it a tradition!” he explained how people responded to the online post. “We totally would but… now we have to top this somehow.”

Here’s how people online responded to the photoshoot