I met with a motorcycle accident 2 months ago and broke my wrist bone. This was my first accident in 27 years and being a freelance artist I was really worried how it would affect me being idle during the recovery time. Initially I felt too low about the situation.

Then I realised I had to come out of it and stay positive. I decided to put some humour into my life more than ever. I started doing small illustrations/comic strip about my recovery process. I recorded all the things you cannot do with a broken hand during the recovery time with these comic strips. This actually helped me recover sooner and get back to my painting projects even with a cast hand. When life puts you down(In my case literally) you laugh back, pick yourself up and keep going forward.


I started with this. This illustration is everything that happened the day I met with the accident

I had to undergo a small surgery where they cut open my wrist and insert a metal plate with screws to support the broken bone

The moment I opened my eyes after the surgery

Slowly I figured a right technique

Well you will meet those friends

My nephew kept asking why am I wearing a white cloth on my hand


Took me a while to get back on wheels

Being a foodie this hurts more

I missed my enfield so much. Infact I still cant ride it for another month

The day they the cut the cast open

I never thought of all the things in the world, Physiotherapy would make me cry