To start off with, the landscape of Norway is nothing less than incredible. No wonder they have places named such as Trollstigen and Trolltunga (Trolls’ Path & Troll tongue), when the nature of this country could’ve been taken straight out of a fairy tale.

I am Swedish, but have never before visited this neighbouring country. This year, however, I got the chance to see a fraction of Norway. Giving that my final destination was Jämtland (Swedish county about 1 hour from Trondheim), we only got one third up the country before leaving it. I would have loved to see everything, though I’ll save that for when I have a drone :)

As a massive photography enthusiast, I spend about 99% of the time taking pictures of a trip. Giving the fact that I have yet to take my driving license, I am stuck in the passanger seat and not able to stop every time a view appear. Due to this, I am also spending most of the car ride photographing out of the window. This is great as I get to shoot the motifs I want, but it also results in me not having any idea where some of the images were taken. Therefore, I will name as many places I can down here, but some will remain a mystery for both you and me.

Anyway, this article is not about me describing how I photograph, but to show a bigger crowd (a fraction of) the outstanding beauty of Norway!

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Unknown fjord

Geirangerfjord with Seven Sisters Falls


1 part of Låtefossen

From the road next to Elvabreen

Mountains next to Trollstigen



Unnamed, but very tranquil place

Jelly-looking fjord


No idea where this is from, but I needed to include this beautiful house



Another unknown fjord

Behind Alnesvatnet

Unknown view

Last unknown view