After my post the other day about my success in sidewalk chalk, the team at Bored Panda wondered if I might create a panda on the pavement. Well, wonder no more, BP Team, because here he is!

When I started chalking on the driveway with my kids I never imagined it would turn into a “thing.” But, since I started in 2012, I’ve been contacted by dozens of organizations to chalk for them. I have been invited to help promote various events, to spruce up marathon courses and finish lines., to chalk, live, on a local news program, and help promote very worthy causes. I draw with kids in summer camps, and help local farmers’ markets.

I’m having the most fun creating these pieces of chalk art. I love not only adding to the community events, but also sharing the artistic process with so many onlookers. I also find it very rewarding to work along side children, and show them what can be done with something they probably have at home.

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