“Wine is used for all kinds of things, from celebrating to relaxing to cooking, yet one of its uses has a much more unusual quality. Winerelle – or the art of painting with wine, to you and me – transforms that precious liquid into a long-lasting material, something that Sanja Jankovic knows all too well.

The Serbian artist is trained in the fine arts, and turned to winerelle as a way of preserving wine in an unexpected, creative medium. Not only is turning wine into a manageable material impressive in itself, the wine comes with its own quirks. As the saying goes, all good wines get better with age, and its transformative qualities don’t stop in the bottle – the colours of Jankovic’s paintings alter, becoming deeper and richer as time goes by.

So we recommend that you kick back and relax with a glass of your favourite red, and take in the beauty of Sanja Jankovic’s work.”

Taken from Idol Magazine.

Jankovic’s entire series of wine paintings can be seen on her Facebook page Winerelle Wine Painting and on Behance.

More info: Facebook