Just like millions and millions of toilet rolls are helping us out every day, so does Paper Poo.

It’s a job no one fancies having and yet he is happy to be at your service. That being said, he’s not always a jolly character like many other animated characters, he doesn’t shy away from the realities of being a living toilet paper roll.

Here is his story.

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Sending out positive vibes to every and anyone out there

Embracing his undeniable fate with joy

Summarizing the roller coaster of emotions felt by PaperPoo.

Sometimes, he finds humour and irony in the work he does.

Yes, that is a bowl of ramen. After a long day at work, he likes to kick it back in the most bizarre ways

No matter where you are, what the weather is like or how you feel, PaperPoo is always out there running to get to you, to make your life easier