Bloom is a large scale art installation by Madeline Walker which opened up in May of 2017, and has since traveled to California, Nevada, and New York. Bloom integrates painting, sculpture, and ceramics with technologies like 3D Printing and CNC routing to create the installations.

Madeline’s experience living with OCD is brought to light in this visual art series, which seeks to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health conversations.

Bloom’s initial Kickstarter goal was to support the remaining costs of an artist residency Madeline will attend this summer at the Vermont Studio Center to produce the remaining installation parts for this series. Ultimately it is the time, space and community, that Madeline needs to create the remaining parts of her installation series.

Madeline’s stretch goal (additional funding) for Bloom is to take the installation to mental health centers making art more accessible to those living with mental health challenges, in spaces like therapy rooms and hospitals. Ultimately the stretch goals being met would expand the project’s reach to broader mental health communities and bring some life to spaces that need it the most.

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Bloom, A Traveling Art Installation

Artist, Madeline Walker, Working in her Studio

Small Bloom Painting, Kickstarter Perks

Bloom Installation, H Gallery & Studios, Ventura, California