I am fascinated by animals of any type, but for me Cats are definitely the top! The eyes of the Cats are windows enabling us to see into another world, says the Irish Legend. These gorgeous felines occupied significant place in environments of humans from Egyptian times as a God, through Middle Ages when they were often tortured because of believed association with witchcraft. They appeared in several collections of poetry, prose and famous paintings. They are mysterious, sophisticated, gorgeous creatures, meanwhile adventurous and excellent hunters, playful, adorable animals. They are believed lucky, or opposite unlucky, we can love them or hate them, they remain each of them an independent Character.

Rebeka the black cat, was my beloved pet during 16 years of her life, and she supplied me with much inspiration to create paintings about colourful Cats in general. Here is some example from my paintings, for more please visit my website to see my Cat Inspired Artwork Collection.

More info: dora-hathazimendes.pixels.com

Blue Cat with Goldfish

Indian Cat with Lilies

Cat Cocktail

Blue Tabby

Legend of the Siamese


Kitty Bee

Night Shift

Silver Tabby with Mandala

Sleeping Beauty

Chocolate Delight Havana Brown

Dreaming About

Winged Feline

Peace and Love