Loki’s Birthday is on Valentines Day, he is a lovely boy, with no training he detects my seizures, he cares for me and looks after me when I’m not well. So every year we plan to give him the best birthday possible!

This was from 2017, we are planning his 2018 birthday now!

This is Mr floofle-but, Also known as Loki!

And this is the story of his 3rd Birthday

The cake was 100% doggy safe and he was kept safely away from the candles!

Handsome Birthday Boy

So many presents!

Are these all mine?!?!

What am I meant to do?!

You mean I get to tear these open!?!?!

Shredding paper is fun xD

Some of these small like food…

Too. Much. CHOICE!


Scnuffle, Scnuffle, Tear, Tear….


Om nom hat

Look at my pile!

Seriously. Look at my pile!!!

Birthdays are awesome.

Om nom ball

Doggy carrot cake with peanut butter and carbon buttons!

So, What’s next year?!