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I Imagine What Kind Of Residents Would Live In These Houses Of Istanbul As I Walk By
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Art5 years ago

I Imagine What Kind Of Residents Would Live In These Houses Of Istanbul As I Walk By

Bir Ev is a roof structure that produces socially based projects. The first product is the Yeldeğirmeni project at the Kadikoy district of Istanbul, where I live at the same time.

After a long period of time, I can convey the project that I have spent my life with in short: When we all see a house, we stop and think about something in the house. We imagine the streets we are surrounded, the old residents of the apartments we sit in, and think about them. Or it is our own life, we are surrounded and we think that there are places, places to be depicted. Actually, I’m doing exactly that. I’m dreaming, I’m drawing. I tell you everything that the city has imagined for me. I am doing studies where the city and people are intertwined. I choose beautiful buildings, clean streets, eye-catching beauties, streets and buildings that I can catch snapshots.

When I witnessed the windmill neighborhood’s resistance to capitalism and modern time, I blended the old and new inhabitants and took out this project.

More info: Instagram

Buse always makes trouble

Intentions and five girls

The locals’ grocery store closes their shop in Uncle Suat, and the boutique opens instead

Weekends go out with stylish Yağmur

Ankara Apartment resident Melek

Increased rent victims Jihad and Neriman remain homeless

It always goes to work, Meric

Asuman, who comes to the neighborhood for the evening walk, disappears in the crowd of Yeldeğirmeni

Dilara Yeldeğirmeni’den Haydarpaşa’ya, 8th Book Days of the tin goes on foot

Sevim returns from shopping full of sisters

It’s a picture from an old Yeldeğirmeni’s archive, with his youthful friends

Aunt Hacer and her husband İsmet, former residents of the neighborhood

There is a Saturday classics, cafes in the corner on the shore, they are all full

The new residents of Tevfik Tura Apartment are Gizem and Efe

Fikret pretends to read books for hours, just to see Ayşe working every day at the head


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