Bikers say the best views are seen from the inside of motorcycle helmets, but I find my own views through a lens.

It took me four years of photo-shooting in three different continents and fifty motorcycle riders. Everything started in Berlin, and expanded through many European cities, from London and Rome to Copenhagen and Paris. More recently this project took place in Australia and California.

However, ‘Bikershot’ is not a journalistic journey. It is not a documentary approach to describing a community and its inherent codes, attitudes and rules. It is rather an exploration of the personality hidden inside the leather jacket.

Each portrait was built on the previous one, and set the tone for the one to follow. In this way, every session was a unique experience, an exploration; a mutual discovery. And I am honored that some of the heroes I met became real friends with.

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Jeff, from Netherlands

Arthur, from Netherlands

Michael, from the US

Jens, from Germany

Nick, from Australia

Max, from Italy

Dev, from UK

Jerome, from Belgium

Gabriel, from Netherlands

Anton, from Netherlands

Pete, from UK

Dom, from France

Alex, from UK

Esteban, from France

Dave, from US

Geofffroy, from France

Ola, from Denmark

Pete, from UK

Bo, from Sweden