My Bengal cat, Cricket has been with me four years, two states, eight apartments, five horrible boyfriends and endless road trips together.

After going through a bit of depression, I dropped out of photography school in Daytona Beach, FL and drove all the way to Denver, CO. Cricket rode on my shoulders the whole way. I didn’t know anyone in the Mile High City but soon realized that moving to Colorado was maybe the best decision I had made.

Cricket took to the snow like a pro. Everyday she would stand at the door and yell for me to let her outside. Soon she learned how to pull her leash down and wait for me like dog.

Jasper then came into the picture and he grew to be a big boy. He is a ham in front of the camera and loves to be photographed with the models. The cats love getting in trouble together–knocking off as many expensive items from the table as they can and scratching up all the furniture.

I’m a wedding photographer but I can’t help posting these two nuts everyday!

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When I first got this little guy he was sick. After the vet gave me meds he would sleep anywhere I put him

In my garage studio in Denver, CO

Cricket’s favorite thing to do

After a long day of hiking in Boulder, CO these two are exhausted

My past roommate Bethany Jeffery’s boxer

This apartment was made for cats I’m pretty sure

My 300-Square-Ft. Apartment

Baby Jasper meets the neighborhood cat

This apartment was so small that I had to wash my dishes in the bathtub