In September 2016, on a lazy Sunday afternoon I decided that I wanted to try something new with my felting. After working with wool to create 3D sculptures for years, I wanted to combine my love of painting and working with wool. Starting small I took my needles and some cotton fabric and started painting with wool. My first landscape wool painting was of the Scottish highlands at Glenco Loch.

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I was so amazed by the gorgeous layers of wool I knew I had to make more. My work is inspired by gorgeous animals and beautiful landscape. I use top quality Australian wool for each piece.

My designs are hand felted wool loveliness. The warmth of the wool creates an energy of peace and tranquillity. Each landscape wool painting is designed by me and in each step of every creation I am there dreaming, sketching, dyeing and stabbing (with felting needles). It is important to me that I accurately represent the landscape I am sculpting.

I never tire of seeing how a scattered pile of wool fibres, thread and some unique findings can come together into little masterpieces, each with such distinct personalities and feelings for their owner.

All of my mini hoops are made with natural fibres. I love the warmth and quality of Australian wool and the beautiful colours that are made by dyeing it.

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#4 Niagara Falls Needle Felt Mini Hoop

Niagara Falls Needle Felt Mini Hoop


Kasia Polkowska 1 year ago

Hard to choose a favorite but this is one is near the top - it feels so real!

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