My name is Jan L. Engels Jr., I live in Porto Alegre, Brazil. I consider myself a photographer despite having started to study seriously for a few years. During this period there were many projects with the most diverse subjects and I have just finished what I consider to be my best until now. I call it Balled Project. It relates classic ballet, LED lights and long expositions. I consider innovative because, although Technique is known, I did not find references to an essay like this anywhere.

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I had this idea while making frustrated attempts to capture lightning bolts. During the process of long expositions, bored, I noticed the traces created by the cars in the captures and with the cell phone in my hands trying to kill time I observed certain pictures of dance. So I thought why not mix both. That's how the project came about.

I think it took me about 2 months in preparation, execution and editing. The main challenge was to develop lights that would give the desired effect over a large period of time, without being heavy or limiting the movements of the dancers. After that came a lot of tests, and after many attempts and mistakes, we came to the second big challenge that was to find a place big enough but at the same time dark, and for the lack of options we sealed with canvas the whole hall of my condominium.

It is impossible to calculate the time spent and dedicated of all the people involved who helped me to realize this vision, the result in my opinion is spectacular and I believe it deserves to be published, especially in a website that has always served as my inspiration.


Balled Project: I Show The Movement Of Ballet Dancers With Long Exposure Photography


Nancy E 1 year ago

I had ballet for years , & , loved the surreal quality of these pictures!