I have to admit – when the media news erupted (pun intended), I was a little scared. Ok. I live on a tropical island, with active volcanos, and one of them is on the verge of erupting. All the people are panicking, and I did what I know best: I got into a full panic attack. “To leave or to stay”, that was the question.

And then I was inspired to ask another question. What can I see and understand now from this Mother Nature manifestation?

After the Mt. Agung news and panic, I received an email. I was invited to Griya Santrian, to experience their Universe and to see the Royal Home of the King of Sanur.

But I didn’t know that this experience had the answer to my question included.

Then, in one evening, on the beach – watching the sacred Mt. Agung – I had my answer: if I can see, taste and feel the stillness, the greatness of Mother Nature, how can I ever be afraid?!

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