I’m Mike, and I make crazy things. This April Fools’ Day (celebrated every year on the first day of April as a day when people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other). I wanted to make a project that would be silly and functional. I live in America where drinking in public is against the law, so how was I to enjoy my beverage on a sunny day outside without running into trouble of the police?

Enter the Baby Flask, a way to hide your favorite beverage inside a baby doll, you’re able to take sips from a straw in the baby head, making it look like you’re just kissing your child.

I started this super simple project by finding the largest plastic baby doll I could find, then removed all the stuffing from inside creating a cavity which I could hide a drinking bladder. I trimmed the drinking tube, which was really long, to a more manageable length, then drilled a hole in the baby head to feed the drinking nipple through.

All that was left was to fill the bladder with my favorite drink, then seal up the baby velcro clothing backing and put the baby inside the carrier. With a hat on the baby’s head hiding the drinking nipple I can take sips without anyone knowing.

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Baby flask

This is all you need

Firstly, you have to gut the baby doll

Then just drill it

Insert the bladder and fill it with liquid

Seal the baby

Put it in a carrier

All ready to party


How to make it, step-by-step

Baby flask in action