My name is Agatha, friends call me Baba Yaga, I’m an artist from Poland with scuplture degree. Since seven years I’m creating handmade, custom masks for art ethusiasts to wear. I made masks for teatres, music bands, jugglers, stilt-walkers, cosplayers, urban shamans and dancers. Mostly my inspiration are ethnic art and animals, but I can do various commissioned projects. I’m very inspired with ethnic art from every corner of the world, in my ethnic projects I’m tying to get ideas from different native cultures from North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia, then I mix them together to create something new from primary concepts. My masks basic constructions are made from wire, this is where sculpting count, I cover them with fabrics, faux fur and faux leather. They are wery comfortable and with elastic base, you can bend them so they will fit perfectly on your head. My big love are animals and mother nature, so I work with recycled materials when its possible. And I must say, it’s harder to made somethig from scraps than go and buy new textile from shop. Use of fabrics is very important here, because my masks resemble clothes more than anything else. I wanted to create something light, adjustable and comfortable.

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Ethnic inspired wolf mask.

Ethnic inspired jackal mask.

Ethnic inspired wolf mask with wierd face-ears:)

Gigantic costume inspired by god of Egypt Anubis. Walking jackal-god head, very surrealistic project made with recycled fabrics.

Myth inspired mask of four-eyed demon dog.

Faux-fur white wolf mask.

Ethnic inspired mask of Indian god Garuda.

Myth inspired mask of four-eyed demon dog.

Ethnic inspired hyena mask in a blizzard.

Ethnic inspired brown striped hyena mask.

Ethnic inspired mask.

Three dogs masks, husky, beagle and shepherd.

Japan inspired fluffy dragon mask.

Abstract mask of a hare.

Postapocalyptic crazy cups-head mask.

Colourfull bird mask.

Deer mask.

Aztec inspired colourfull parrot mask.

White owl mask with beads.

Red owl half-mask.

White owl mask.

Big bad wolf mask made for play for small children to watch.

Tiger mask.

Zombie-rabbit recycling mask, made only from unwanted scraps.

Brown dog mask and costume.

Ethnic inspired mask.